What is the default IP address for Linksys router and how to configure it?

Generally, there are two IP addresses for home broadband routers. One IP address is for communicating inside the home network and another is for connecting outside to the Internet. For the outside connection, a public IP address is there which is shown to others or by which you can transfer emails, share media with other Internet users. The IP address for outside connection depends on the provider; it has no one specific value.  The IP address assigned for communicating inside is a private IP address used for local networking. This IP address has a specific value depending on the model of the router and is controlled by the network administrator.

Default IP address for Linksys routers
If you want to connect to the Internet or when installing the router at your home, you must know the default private IP address of your router model because this default IP address can be used when you are not able to see the login page via linksyssmartwifi.com. You can see the default username and password on the product label located at the bottom of a router or you can read the quick setup guide provided with the router to know more. If still, you are having an issue then you can also contact the Linksys support team or you can contact us at Linksyssmartwifisetup.com through our live chat window.

Linksyssmartwifisetup.com is the default IP address of Linksys routers. The default IP address sometimes called as default gateway address. This is called so because client devices rely on the router as their gateway to the Internet, and computer operating systems sometimes use the same term on their network configurations menus.
Most of the routers have an IP address that is mentioned above but there are other alternatives also. and are also used sometimes as the default IP address.

Configuring the default IP address
If you want to change the IP address then you can by configuring the router or you want to access the login page by using the default credentials. It’s totally up to you.

It is recommended to change the IP address of your router to avoid IP address conflict. It may be possible that someone in your area also using the same router model thus having the same login credentials.

You can change the default username, password, and IP address while the setup process or you can do so later on. You can choose an IP address that is easy to remember. There is no difference in network performance or security after changing the IP address.

The common IP address chosen by an administrator is There is no effect on other settings of the router like network mask or passwords, DNS (Domain Name System) address value after changing the default IP address.


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